Global Church

Global Church – what we do and what do we give?

As part of St Mary’s ministry we donate and contribute to various activities beyond the congregation and church building.   The funds can come from special collections at Harvest and Christmas, or as an agreed amount donated by the PCC.  At a recent PCC we reviewed what we focus on as part of our global giving.   The organisations we’ve contributed to over the last year include:

Toilet Twinning £1,600
Christian Aid £3,000
Children’s Society £130
Bible Society £600
Leprosy Mission £600
Aylesbury Youth Concern £1,000
Wendover Dementia Alliance £1,063
Aylesbury Community Kitchen £1,063

As a church we have committed to underwriting £600 for the provision for the refugee family that will be housed in Wendover as part of WRAP (Wendover Resettlement Assistance Project), see more about the project by clicking here

Our annual parish share supports parishes within the Diocese who are unable to fund ministry, and we see this as an important part of our outreach.

Going forward the PCC will be setting aside a percentage of our funds to give to global church projects.   There will be further announcements about this in church.