Amazing Donkey

Amazing Donkey is a youth club for young people between the ages of 10-14 years that meets once a week on a Friday evening (7pm – 9pm) during term time at Wendover Youth Centre.

The youth club provides a warm and safe place for young people to meet with their friends and develop social skills by making use of the many activities we’re able to offer them. The young people are able to freely participate in a range of activities, sporting and other and have the space to learn a variety of skills, social and other.  They are empowered to participate in the running of the club to ensure the programme is exciting and consistent with their needs.

St Mary’s Church, provides admin support in terms of Child Protection, Equal Ops policy, and insurance protection. The church’s connection with the activity gives confidence to our members’ parents and defines our approach to the way the club is run and how we work with the young people.

For further information please contact Paul Hammett on 07771 515838.