Prayer Ministry

St Mary’s has an active Prayer Ministry team.  The team works in association with the Pastoral Care team and operates within the larger community, where a number of groups and combinations of individuals meet regularly for private prayer as well as providing ad hoc prayer ministry in response to particular needs.

The team aims to create an environment in the church family of St Mary’s where it is natural for everyone to pray with one another, and where prayer in any situation is the first and obvious response.  We believe passionately that prayer changes things and through our activities we aim to spread this message about its transformative way.

Members of the Prayer Ministry team are available at the main Sunday services to pray with individuals during Communion.  Morning prayer is held at St Mary’s on the first Saturday of every month and is a structured hour of prayer for peace, reconciliation and justice in the world, in addition to local issues.

There is also an email prayer request system and a prayer basket on the altar of the Lady Chapel which invites written prayer requests from anyone visiting St Mary’s.