Pastoral Care

St Mary’s has a strong sense of Pastoral Care and provides support in many ways across the community.  We want to provide responsive and relevant pastoral support.  St Mary’s is also involved in the Wendover Dementia Alliance group.

We have a formal Pastoral Care team, with a policy, procedures guidelines and regular meetings.  The team have a wide range of specialist skills and are able to respond and visit those who ask for specific support at a time of difficulty.

Bereavement support 

Everyone’s grief is unique and personal to them.  Many are able to cope following a death with the help of family and friends.  However it is not uncommon for people to want help and support several weeks or even months after a death.  If you would like the opportunity to share your feelings, a volunteer from the bereavement support team would be happy to meet up with you.


Is someone you know ill, housebound, in hospital or recently had a baby?  A visit offers companionship, and lets someone know that they are kept in mind.

Communion at home 

Communion services are regularly organised at most of the sheltered and care homes for the elderly around Wendover.  Let us know if someone you know is making a move into residential care so that we can look out for them.  If someone you know is at home and cannot get to church, we can bring Home Communion to them.

For more information please contact the Church office