St Mary’s Church, Wendover – everyone is welcome.

We are an inclusive Church. Our aim is to be a community of faith that follow the example of Jesus in showing acceptance and value of all. We seek to serve and welcome all who come to share this journey of finding the love and grace of God. This means we foster an environment which does not discriminate on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality.
Everyone is welcome

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ExploreEXPLORE is an All Age Service, which  takes place monthly at 10.30. It is an inclusive and accessible service which we hope  caters for all: young and old, those who are new to church and those who’ve been coming for years.

Everyone is welcome,

Whoever you are,

Whatever your background,

However you’re dressed.

Come and See

There is a Q&A about the  format below but if you’d like to find out more or you’d like to help with the service, please contact Matt Ryan (matt.ryan@numbers-ltd.co.uk) or Ian Sansbury (sansbury@hotmail.com). We’d love to hear from you.


What is it all about?

The Explore service is an nw All Age Service.  This will have something for everyone, young and old, those who are new to church and those who’ve been coming for years.  It will combine collective worship, prayer and a bible reading with a chance to explore the service theme in one or more of the six zones.  There will be coffee available throughout the service.

What are the zones all about?

There are six zones which are aimed at exploring the day’s bible passage in different ways that suit the different ways individuals learn and experience information.  The zones include:

Word – for those who like to explore the theme using different versions of the bible passage.

Colour – for those with a more arty or creative style of learning and expression

Quiet – for those who want to reflect or pray around the theme

Listen – for those who like to learn and experience the theme through a sermon or reading

Busy – for those who like to do things to understand something

Chat – for those who like to explore ideas by thinking aloud.

Why are we doing this?

We have been reviewing and consulting on how we reshape Junior church and the wider provision for children and families at St Mary’s.  The Explore service is part of the plan to attract more families to become part of our church family.

Will there be Holy Communion?

During the Explore service there will not be a Holy Communion element to the service but there is still  Communion within our 9 o’clock service as usual.  We recognise that Holy Communion is an integral and important part of our worship as a church family and will be reviewing how we integrate this into the Explore services going forward.

Is Explore like the Café style services we had during the refurbishment?

The Explore service is designed to cater for the many different ways that people can choose to experience and learn about a bible theme.  While the Chat zone is similar in many ways to the Café style services we had during the refurbishment, the other zones are quite different and provide a mix of what we might consider traditional approaches to church with more innovative styles.

Will there be a sermon?

There will be a sermon based on the chosen theme within the Word zone.

Will there be Junior Church provision for the children?

The zones will provide different ways of experiencing and learning about each service’s bible theme. Junior church members are welcome to join any of the Zones.  There are some which may be more appealing for youngsters, such as Busy and Colour.

Why have these themes been chosen?

The themes come from a resource developed by Scripture Union called Explore Together (http://www.exploretogether.org/) which is being used by many churches across the country. We felt that it provided a great new approach to all-age worship that would encourage our church family to worship together but which would respond to people’s different worship and learning styles.