St Mary’s Church, Wendover – everyone is welcome.

We are an inclusive Church. Our aim is to be a community of faith that follow the example of Jesus in showing acceptance and value of all. We seek to serve and welcome all who come to share this journey of finding the love and grace of God. This means we foster an environment which does not discriminate on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality.
Everyone is welcome

This website gives details of aspects of church life which we hope you’ll find useful. Please contact our Parish Office if you’d like more information or to speak to someone.

Please see the calendar pages for up to date information on service times and forthcoming key dates and events.

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We’d like to get our child baptised, will you do it?


We’d be delighted to!  Providing you live in the Parish of Wendover, or you are a regular worshipper here, you are entitled to have your child baptised at St Mary’s.

How do we go about it?

Please contact St. Mary’s Parish office on 01296 623123. They’ll send you information and pass your details on to a member of our baptism team.

As baptism involves a serious commitment by parents and godparents, you will be invited to attend a baptism preparation event.  You will chat about what baptism means for you and your family and what a commitment to baptism involves.

Is baptism the right thing for us?

tn_dedicationAs well as baptism the Church of England offers a service of thanksgiving.  This gives you the opportunity to celebrate your child’s birth and ask God’s blessing on him or her without asking you to make the kind of Christian commitment expressed in the baptism service.  It also gives your child the option to choose to be baptised at a later date.

The service of thanksgiving is held by arrangement with the family and clergy.

When does the baptism take place?

Baptism services take place during the 10.30 service, once a month. Please contact the Parish Office for available dates and more details.

What happens after baptism?

Children are always welcome at church.  We have a crèche area as well as groups for children from 12 months upwards.  We also hold children’s and family services on a regular basis.  Please see further information on the Junior Church page.

What about adult baptism?

Adults who want to be baptised do so usually in a confirmation service.

Further details

Baptism cards

The Church of England website has a useful section on baptism and confirmation: