St Mary’s Church, Wendover – everyone is welcome.

We are an inclusive Church. Our aim is to be a community of faith that follow the example of Jesus in showing acceptance and value of all. We seek to serve and welcome all who come to share this journey of finding the love and grace of God. This means we foster an environment which does not discriminate on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality.
Everyone is welcome

This website gives details of aspects of church life which we hope you’ll find useful. Please contact our Parish Office if you’d like more information or to speak to someone.

Please see the calendar pages for up to date information on service times and forthcoming key dates and events.

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Pastoral Care

This page sets out the approach to one-to-one pastoral care within St Mary’s, Wendover. It describes the main sources of support available during times of need. The Ministry Team aims to ensure that pastoral needs are met through the best combination of resources available locally. These include church members and other organisations or professionals. The Ministry Team can refer onto more specialised sources of support if requested, whilst respecting confidentiality.

Pastoral care within church groups

We can all listen, encourage, offer practical help and pray for one another within the various groups within the St Mary’s Wendover community. These groups include home and Bible study groups, music and choir groups, youth group and junior church, Sages… and more. Please ask the coordinator or one of the pastoral contacts overleaf if you would like guidance as you support each other in your groups. Church Links and the Parish Office have information packs giving details of church groups to help welcome newcomers.

Bereavement support

Everyone’s grief is unique and personal to them. Many are able to cope following a death with the help of family and friends. However it is not uncommon for people to want help and support several weeks or even months after a death. If you would like the opportunity to share your feelings, a volunteer from the bereavement support team would be happy to meet up with you.


Is someone you know ill, housebound, in hospital or recently had a new baby? A visit offers companionship, and lets someone know that they are kept in mind.

Communion at home

Communion services are regularly organised at most of the sheltered and care homes for the elderly around Wendover. Let us know if someone you know is making a move into residential care, so that we can look out for them. If someone you know is at home and cannot get to church, we can bring Home Communion to them.

Individual Pastoral Prayer

Someone will be available to pray with you during or after the 9am and 10.30am Sunday services. Ongoing prayer by the Prayer Ministry Team is offered for those with long term concerns and as new needs arise through emails and text messaging.
A pastoral coordinating group meets regularly to support all the everyday pastoral care across the church family. Please contact the coordinator if you are interested in developing your involvement in pastoral care through practical experience or training.

Pastoral Care Contacts

Church Links: Patricia Thomas tel: 01296 622512 marktris.thomas2@tesco.net
Bereavement: Wendy Trower tel: 01296 623744 trowerwendy@hotmail.co.uk
Visits: Sylvia Oram tel: 01296 625445 sylviaoram@waitrose.com
Communion at home: Glenys Newman tel: 01296 622481 glenys.newman@btinternet.com
Prayer support: Margaret Heald tel: 01296 622707 mheald@uk2.net
Coordinator: Bridget Avery tel: 01296 625458, Bridget@williamnavery.org.uk