St Mary’s Church, Wendover – everyone is welcome.

We are an inclusive Church. Our aim is to be a community of faith that follow the example of Jesus in showing acceptance and value of all. We seek to serve and welcome all who come to share this journey of finding the love and grace of God. This means we foster an environment which does not discriminate on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality.
Everyone is welcome

This website gives details of aspects of church life which we hope you’ll find useful. Please contact our Parish Office if you’d like more information or to speak to someone.

Please see the calendar pages for up to date information on service times and forthcoming key dates and events.

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Home Groups

What is a Home Group?

It is a group of people, meeting informally, who study and discuss the bible together.  This provides an opportunity to see how Christian teaching applies to everyday life and a chance to socialise, support one another and pray together.

Our Home Groups provide a great opportunity for informal and discussional-style study of the Bible in small groups of between 8-12 people. We meet in homes during term time, some weekly and others every two weeks. Currently we have around one hundred people regularly involved. All the groups study the same Bible passage. Our objective is to consider “What does the Bible say? What does it mean? What does it mean to me?”
Another major benefit of the groups is the value of fellowship – getting to know one another outside of ‘Sunday Church’, forming close friendships and supporting and encouraging one another. It’s also a place to discuss, and raise questions about our faith in the security and confidentiality of a small group.


When do they happen?

St Mary’s has a number of groups that meet fortnightly during term time.

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday evenings
Wednesday morning

Thursday morning (children are very welcome at this group).

What does it feel like to be part of a Home Group?

Bible study books“At 10.00 am every other Monday morning a group of us meet for about an hour and half of fellowship, prayer and bible study in one of our homes. We are parents who find a morning meeting more convenient than an evening one. Although some of us bring along pre-school children, it is not compulsory! Although there are twelve of us in the group it is rare that we are all able to come along every week, the last time being our “bring and share” Christmas lunch.

Just as with the other Home Groups we enjoy studying the scriptures and trying to apply what we have learnt to our everyday lives, using the same study materials as the other groups. PersonalRefreshmentsexperiences are shared in complete confidence and trust that they will not be repeated to others outside the meeting and, although everyone is encouraged to take part, no-one is under any obligation to contribute. Those who feel happy to do so take turns to prepare the session in advance using the detailed study notes so that they can kick off the discussions and try and steer us through the topics in a timely fashion. It is not as heavy as it might sound.

We get to know each other well in a supportive and democratic atmosphere with lots of laughter and care and with a genuine sense that we are all seeking answers to the same questions – and I don’t just mean those about toilet training and sleep problems!”

How can I join a group?

If you would like more information or would like to talk to someone about membership of a Home Group please contact the Parish Office.